Dreamsville Inc, is  a non-profit organization with the goal of bringing back the golden age of entertainment.


Dreamsville believes that America has lost what fundamentally makes for quality entertainment. The industry of American show business from the late 1800’s up to the early 1950’s produced some of the best entertainment the world has ever seen, and this era provided the foundation for what was yet to come. This is why Dreamsville is turning back the clock to rebuild the foundation of American entertainment.  Dreamsville is a living history program that brings together entertainers, stage technicians and other creative individuals to ply their craft, learn about entertainment history and earn some money as well.

Living history events re-create a time period with attention to detail.  Wardrobe, manner of speech and language and styles of performance all play an integral role in the overall experience.  Dreamsville provides a comprehensive guide with rules and information to achieve authentic participation from all involved.

Friends of Jazz supports the goals of Dreamsville in bringing back the excitement of entertainment’s past.  In the future they will be sharing information and Dreamsville events on this website and encourage you to have a look by visiting www.Dreamsville.org.